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These easy to install grippy tire socks — down to $41 each — can help you drive more safely on snow and ice

Say goodbye to slipping and sliding, thanks to traction-enhancing Isse Snow Socks.

We still have about a month and a half of winter left, and if you've noticed your car slipping and sliding when snow covers the ground, we've found a nifty product that can help stop scary skidding in its tracks. Enter: Isse Snow Socks. (Yes, traction-improving tire socks exist!) Reviewers say these grippers are a breeze to put on, and unlike snow tire chains, they aren't noisy and won't damage your ride. Plus, you can snag a pair marked down to as low as $82 during Amazon's Winter Sale. Want more peace of mind while you drive? These belong in your cart.

Better traction on ice and snow? Sock it to us!

$82 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

While this isn't the absolute lowest price our trackers are reporting, it's still one of the best we've seen over the past year. You can't put a price on safety, and the fact that these offer more grip on slippery roads makes them a worthy investment. (Note: They're available in four sizes, and prices vary.)

Why do I need this?

Any driver who lives in a snow- and ice-prone location knows how stressful it can be to navigate slippery terrain. But when your wheels have extra traction, you're less likely to slide around or get stuck. While snow tire chains can help with grip, they can also cause damage to your car if not installed properly (not to mention tear up the road). Plus, they're often noisy and make the drive feel bumpy. Add to that the fact that they're not even permitted everywhere. There's gotta be a better way!

And there is. Isse Snow Socks are just as they sound; made of a sturdy polyolefin material, they slip on right over your tires to increase traction. Because of their thin profile, they won't affect your car's height in low-clearance areas and offer a smoother ride than chains. Plus, they don't get tangled up and won't harm your vehicle or the street.

Just note that they should only be used at 30 mph or less, and should be removed when not driving on snow or ice.

an SUV driving through snow with tire socks on
Sure, tire socks can make driving safer, and they also look cool! (Amazon)

What reviewers say

Over 1,200 Amazon customers are driving more safely, thanks to Isse Snow Socks.

"Wow, what a great invention!" exclaimed one impressed user. "These are super-easy to install, takes about five minutes ... If you can put on your own socks, you can put these on! I could not get up inclines without these, but once these were on, no problem."

"I live in northern Pennsylvania up on a back road hill and have a long driveway, which is also up a steeper hill," wrote another satisfied shopper. "Lo and behold, I wasn’t able to make it after several attempts, so I got out and within five minutes had the snow socks on and was on my way up the driveway without a fuss or even a slip."

A third reviewer found another use for them: "These things work great! I'm not using them for my car, but on my lawn tractor with a snow thrower. ... These socks do shift around during use, but I can't get over how much traction I do have, even on icy stuff."

"Used them on five separate occasions, putting 60 miles on them, and they still appear brand-new after a wash," shared a final fan. "I would advise only using them to drive around town, though ... as you can't exceed 35 mph with these. Most snow I used them in was about three inches, and my rear-wheel-drive car could make the hills without any wheel spin, and it also helps with stopping."

Driving with these snow socks during the winter "Isse" very smart idea.

$82 at Amazon

Another unconventional pair of socks that'll come in handy this winter? These No. 1 bestselling faucet covers:

Stick these insulators over exposed outdoor faucets to help prevent frozen pipes — and spare yourself some hefty plumber fees!

"This boot covering for an outside faucet works great," raved one happy shopper. "No problem with frozen pipes this winter, even though temps were below freezing for a few days in a row. This will last so much longer than the cheap Styrofoam/plastic covers I was using."

$11 at Amazon

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