Therapy dogs comfort victims after building collapse

Tal and Molly are crucial members of the Boricuas disaster relief team, two therapy dogs working hard in Miami, Florida.

As friends and family wait for news about their loved ones after a Florida condo building collapsed earlier this week, the organization hopes Tal and Molly can help soothe tough-to-handle emotions.

Linda Perez is the president of Boricuas de Corazon.

“We are working with different families that are being referred to us in the community center. One of the reasons is because they're having panic attacks or anxiety problems and we have been able to let them work with the dogs, touching the dog, getting their emotions out.”

More than 150 people are still missing days after the collapse, so Perez said her team is working with other therapy dog organizations to prepare animals like Tal and Molly to stay with victims for an extended period of time.

Tal is a 7-year-old Akbash, while Molly is a Walker Coonhound, just one year old.

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