‘Thelma the Unicorn’ Cast and Character Guide: Who’s Who in Netflix’s Animated Musical?

Netflix’s animated film “Thelma the Unicorn” is sure to get the whole family hooked on some new songs — from covers of familiar favorites to original new songs. But it’s also going to make you wonder who the heck is crooning out all that music as the voice of Thelma and her fellow anthropomorphized crooners.

The film features the voice of a bonafide rockstar as sparkly pink pony-turned-“unicorn” alongside some familiar comedians and voice actors. Check out who plays Thelma and the rest of the gang in the “Thelma the Unicorn” cast guide below.

Brittany Howard as Thelma

Side by side images of Thelma in Netflix's Thelma and the Unicorn and Brittany Howard on the red carpet
(Netflix/Getty Images)

Multiple Grammy Award-winner Brittany Howard voices Thelma, the talented pony destined for stardom — and some life lessons — in “Thelma the Unicorn.” Howard is best known for her music career, including bands Alabama Shakes and Bermuda Triangle, as well as her solo career. This is her first major acting role.

Will Forte as Otis

Side-by-side images of Otis, an animated donkey in Thelma the Unicorn, and Will Forte on the red carpet
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Five-time Emmy-nominated writer and actor Will Forte voices Otis, a close friend and bandmate of Thelma’s from home, who’s not too sure about the whole pretending to be a unicorn thing. The comedian got his start writing for “The Jenny McCarthy Show” and the “Late Show With Dave Letterman” before becoming an “SNL” cast member for eight years. His best-known work includes “MacGruber,” “The Last Man on Earth,” “Sweet Tooth” and “The Great North.”

Jemaine Clement as Vic Diamond

Side-by-side images of the animated character Vic Diamond from Thelma the Unicorn and voice actor Jemaine Clement
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Jemaine Clement voices Vic Diamond, a powerful music manager who guides Thelma toward her dream of superstardom after she takes on the unicorn guise. Clement is best known as a co-frontman of “Flight of the Conchords” and starring in, co-writing and co-directing the “What We Do in the Shadows” movie. Previous credits also include FX’s “Legion,” “Men in Black 3,” “Eagle vs. Shark” and voicing Tamatoa in “Moana.”

Fred Armisen as Danny Stallion

Side by side images of the animated horse Danny Stallion from Thelma the Unicorn and voice actor Fred Armisen
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Fred Armisen voices Danny Stallion, a crooning social media star who crosses Thelma’s path. The 14-time Emmy-nominated writer, actor and comedian has nearly 200 acting credits, including “Portlandia,” “Saturday Night Live,” Netflix’s Addams Family series “Wednesday,” “Documentary Now!,” “Anchorman” and “Easy A.”

Ally Dixon as Nikki Narwhal

(Netflix/Getty Images)
(Netflix/Getty Images)

Ally Dixon voices pop sensation Nikki Narwhal, who is threatened by Thelma’s sudden success. Dixon is a singer and voice actress whose credits include “The Croods: Family Tree” and “Call of Duty: Mobile.”

Edi Patterson as Megan

Side-by-side images of the animated character Megan, a blonde journalist in big frame glasses and a green suit jacket, and voice actress Edi Patterson
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Edi Patterson voices Megan, Nikki Narwhal’s assistant. Patterson is best known for playing Judy Gemstone on HBO’s “The Righteous Gemstones” and Ms. Abbott on “Vice Principals.” Her credits also include “Knuckles,” “Violent Night,” “The Great North,” “Resident Alien” and “Harley Quinn.”

Jon Heder as Reggie

(Netflix/Getty Images)
(Netflix/Getty Images)

“Napoleon Dynamite” and “Blades of Glory” star Jon Heder voices Reggie, who is the drummer in her and Otis’ band.

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