The Perfect-ò chips for your snack time

Getting tired of munching on the same brand of chips? Then we have the Perfect-ò solution for you.

Mamee-Double Decker has recently unveiled their brand new and innovative potato chips brand, called the PERFECTÒ.

Inspired by MAMEE Chef’s innovation and its use of fresh ingredients, PERFECTÒ is the only brand in the market that has fresh garnishing on its potato crisps; which comes in three exciting flavours; ‘Natural Sea Salt’, ‘Sour Cream & Chives’ and ‘Chilli & Spice Infusion.’

Unlike other chips brand, PERFECTÒ utilises natural ingredients and authentic recipes to create the perfect crisps. The flavours of the crisps are further enhanced when each and every one of them is sprinkled with the freshest garnishing.

“PERFECTÒ is the result of our deep understanding about our consumers’ needs and how we can fulfill them," said Tan Sri Pang Tee Chew, Chief Executive Officer of Mamee-Double Decker, at the media launch event.

PERFECTÒ is now available nationwide at the retail price of RM3.99 per canister. For more information, visit PERFECTO’s official Facebook page at