The One and Roti: Malaysia’s Roti Canai ranked #1 on 50 best street food list

Roti canai, one of Malaysia’s most popular breakfast dishes and snacks, has been ranked the best street food in the world according to the Croatian travel guide, TasteAtlas.

Filipino spring rolls, known as “lumpiang Shanghai,” were ranked second on the Facebook list, followed by Vietnamese banh mi and Japanese karaage.

It’s interesting to note that India’s paratha came in at number five, considering that the roti canai is really just a modified version of the paratha.

Journalist and entrepreneur Matija Babic established the initiative TasteAtlas, which bills itself as a global map of traditional food and authentic eateries.

More than 10,000 different cuisines, drinks, and over 9,000 different eateries have been catalogued by the organisation.

Finally! Our roti canai is getting the recognition it deserves.