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The Marc Anthony conditioner may help save your thinning hair — and it's just $8

'My hair has never grown like this before': More than 37,000 five-star reviewers rave about this detangler.

For some of us, gray is not the worst thing that can happen to your hair — when it starts to thin that can feel far worse. Thinning hair is one of those hard truths no one talks about when you're young and have hair for days. After years of crimping, curling and frying, figuring out how to manage our manes before we have to mourn them might be a challenge. If you haven't tried a good leave-in conditioner yet, the Marc Anthony Leave-In Conditioner Spray might help rescue those tresses — and it's just $8.

With caffeine, ginseng, biotin and vitamin E, this leave-in conditioner detangles, smooths frizz, and gives hair the strength it needs to help reduce split ends and breakage.

$8 at Amazon

In college, when you brushed your hair after a shower, watching the strands fall to the floor probably wasn't that big of a deal. But when your college age doubles, you want to hang on to every single hair for as long as possible — and regrow the ones that got away.

We spoke to stylist and hair-growth expert Diane Stevens, owner of Cole Stevens Salon, and she says detangling is a good place to start if you want your hair to be thicker.

"Handling your hair with gentle care while wet and detangling (like combing/brushing your hair from the bottom up) are also great ways to help your hair grow strong and healthy," Stevens told us.

To promote hair growth, the Marc Anthony Leave-In Conditioner Spray is one of the best options for a leave-in conditioner. It's formulated to help strengthen your hair between shampoos and claims to be sulfate-free, featuring a moisturizing, anti-breakage blend that's combined with caffeine, ginseng, biotin and vitamin E to give your strands an extra boost. And if you're thinking in terms of loss prevention, the fewer tangles you have, the less pulling you'll do on your hair.

woman with detangler
Nearly 36,000 shoppers love this detangler. (Amazon)

Over 37,000 shoppers rave about the benefits of this detangler.

"I had gastric weight loss surgery and I lost a lot of my hair," shared a fan. "I started using this product hoping it would help with regrowth. I am not very consistent with using it but my new growth is past my chin in less than a year and the rest of my hair has grown at least 6 inches. My hair has never grown like this before."

"Three spritzes and the painstaking task of brushing my hair, which usually takes me around 20 minutes of pure agony, becomes a five-minute, largely painless job that not only feels wonderful but brings out my natural curl, with the added bonus of reducing breakage to a few wayward strands," a relieved reviewer wrote. "Normally, I'd be pulling out a handful."

"I have tried so, so many hair growth products over the years and I can honestly say that this is the only one that actually works!" gushed a rave reviewer. "My stylist even commented on how much growth I had in between color appointments. It leaves my hair smooth and doesn’t weigh it down. Good stuff!"

"I have thin fine hair that breaks off easily," wrote an impressed shopper. "I bought my second bottle of this, because it really does help my hair grow- and fast! I need to go to the salon more often than before."

"I have bleach blonde curly hair and this product not only has made my hair soft, healthy and kept my curls bouncy," a happy shopper raved. "I’ve also noticed it strangely growing out fuller. Love it."

This lightweight and non-greasy formula helps hair stay snarl-free. 

$8 at Amazon

Want to be extra gentle on your hair? This mega-popular detangling brush is just $12.

Specially designed to reduce pulling and tugging hair while you brush, it minimizes pain and breakage while smoothing out your hair.

$12 at Amazon

"I’m an older woman, my daughter told me about this brush, so I finally broke down and bought one," a grateful shopper shared. "I’m so glad I did because there is less hair going in the trash off whenever I brush this hair, especially after shampooing. I bought a second one for the second bathroom."

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