The five jobs Grant Shapps has had in less than a year

Here, Yahoo News takes a look at the many recent jobs held by Grant Shapps.

London, United Kingdom. August 31  2023. Grant Shapps becomes Secretary of Defence as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reshuffles cabinet after Defence Secretary Ben Wallace resigned..Credit: Tayfun Salci / Alamy Live News
Grant Shapps starts his fifth job in a year today. (Alamy Live News)

Grant Shapps has been appointed to replace outgoing defence secretary Ben Wallace as part of a mini reshuffle.

It will be the minister's fifth job in the cabinet in less than a year, leading some to comment on the revolving door of political appointments within No 10.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas branded Shapps a "rent-a- minister" and said his multitude of jobs signified a government that was a "scrambled cohort of failure".

Tory MP Mark Francois acknowledged that despite being a "very bright bloke", Shapps faces a “a very steep learning curve” as he gets to grips with his new role.

Here, Yahoo News takes a look at the five positions held by Shapps in just the past year, along with his controversies and achievements.

Transport secretary, 24 July, 2019 – 6 September, 2022

Compared to his subsequent jobs, Shapps sheld onto the position of transport secretary for quite some time.

He was appointed transport secretary when Boris Johnson formed his first cabinet after replacing Theresa May.

Shapps ended up leaving this post when Johnson resigned on 6 September 2022, and despite hanging onto the role for some time, he didn't have the smoothest of rides.

He was accused last year by the RMT railway union of having "politically interfered" to prevent a settlement with the industry, while he also faced calls to quit after P&O Ferries escaped legal action over an abrupt and mass sacking of 800 workers.

Shapps was also mocked over his train timetables knowledge, after he incorrectly reprimanded a BBC presenter for saying only one train an hour was running between Manchester and London that day.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps after speaking to the media on College Green, central London. Trains will be disrupted due to industrial action as the RMT has announced industrial action on June 21, 23, and 25. Picture date: Monday June 20, 2022. (Photo by Aaron Chown/PA Images via Getty Images)
Shapps after speaking to the media about industrial action on the railways in June 2022. (Getty Images)

Home secretary: 19 – 25 October, 2022

Shapps was appointed home secretary following the resignation of Suella Braverman, six weeks after being fired as transport secretary by Liz Truss.

He was given the new role just one day before Truss stepped down, becoming the shortest-serving prime minister in UK history, in a particularly chaotic period for the Conservative Party's leadership.

There isn't a great deal to say about his time in this post, as he only held it for six days before being appointed to a new job by Truss's successor, Sunak.

Business, energy and industrial strategy secretary, 25 October, 2022 – 7 February, 2023

After the resignation of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Shapps filled the role of business secretary while Braverman returned as home secretary in what was looking increasingly like a game of musical chairs.

During his time in this post, the UK was facing an escalating cost of living crisis – turbocharged by soaring energy prices.

This led to strikes in a number of key public sectors, with Shapps unveiling a new anti-strike legislation which could potentially see some NHS staff sacked for taking part in industrial action.

He was criticised after accusing striking ambulance workers of putting people's "lives at risk", with the GMB union insisting that appropriate cover was in place and that strikers had left picket lines for urgent calls.

Business Secretary Grant Shapps leaves following a Cobra (civil contingencies committee) meeting at the Cabinet Office in London, as plans for military staff and civil servants to cover for striking workers in the coming weeks were discussed. Picture date: Monday December 12, 2022. (Photo by Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images)
Then-business secretary Shapps leaves a Cobra meeting over plans for military staff and civil servants to cover for striking workers. (Getty Images)

Energy secretary: 7 February – 31 August, 2023

When his department was split in February, Shapps was made head of the newly created Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.

He insisted that the government was "absolutely committed" to achieving its target of net zero by 2050, hailing the "immense opportunities" for those looking to invest in the UK's growing clean energy market.

For example, he was very keen on the idea of phasing out petrol and diesel cars for electric vehicles - perhaps a lot more so than some of his Tory counterparts.

However, he was also criticised by MPs and environmentalists for his support of providing new gas and fossil fuel licences, which to many flew in the face of the net zero goal.

Defence secretary, 31 August, 2023 - ?

Shapps's brief time as chair of the all-party group on Ukraine should give him some experience as he moves into his latest role.

However, some in his party believe his overall lack of experience in foreign affairs, and having hopped between so many jobs, could mean he's not up to such a complex and important job.

Former armed forces head Sir Richard Dannatt suggested he'd been given the job to "support" Sunak, rather than "make the case" for higher defence budget.

Wallace was known for having a sometimes fiery relationship with the prime minister, having fought tooth and nail for increased funding for his department.

Lord Dannatt told Sky News: “Will he really understand and make the case for defence ... or will he be more political and support the prime minister for party political purposes?

He added that Shapps knows "very little about defence", adding: that it will take “quite some time to get up to speed”.

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