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'The Ferrari of toothbrushes' — at $30, it's over 50% off — has 85,000+ five-star reviews to back it up

This AquaSonic is Amazon's No. 1 bestseller, and it's 50% off this Memorial Day weekend.

You know the drill: You go in for a dental checkup and lie back in the chair while the hygienist pokes around. Then, in walks the dentist, who takes one look inside your mouth and sighs. "Your teeth are stained from the best things in life, like coffee and red wine," he declares. "You’ve got plaque in every nook and cranny. If only you had a good electric toothbrush." Isn't it time you stopped letting history repeat itself? This No. 1 bestselling AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush can help — and it's on sale for a jaw-dropping $30 during the Amazon Memorial Day sale.

This AquaSonic smart toothbrush delivers 40,000 vibrations per minute to help remove buildup, and it has the coveted American Dental Association seal of approval.

$40 at Amazon

At nearly 50% off, the $30 AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush is a steal, especially compared with some other brand-name ultrasonic toothbrushes that can cost upwards of $80 or more (even when they're on sale). While the Aquasonic is marked down from time to time, this is the lowest price you'll usually see, so it's a great time to buy if you want to upgrade your dental hygiene routine.

If you have a sensitive mouth, the AquaSonic has you covered. It has four brush modes, including one for sensitive teeth, plus deep cleaning, gum massaging and whitening. The included travel case will make it easy to bring along on your next adventure. You'll also get eight brush heads — that's 2.5 years' worth, considering how often dentists say you should replace your toothbrush. No more shelling out piles of cash for replacement heads, because it'll be quite a while until you need to restock.

black electric toothbrush with box, case and multiple brush heads
Ebony, meet ivories: The AquaSonic Black Series toothbrush is ultra-effective at cleaning your choppers, users say. (Amazon)

More than 85,000 Amazon reviewers have given the AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush a five-star rating. One shopper even said, "This is like the Ferrari of toothbrushes, a game changer."

"My teeth have never felt so clean! I have used an electric toothbrush my whole life, and this is by far the best," a convert said. "I usually buy Philips Sonicare, but I wanted something a little less expensive. I was nervous at first, but the quality of this product is incredible! Very powerful motor and plenty of replacement heads. The matte black finish looks very sleek and modern."

Another shopper shared, "After using a Sonicare for many years, the battery finally died and I was so reluctant to pay the price of the new ones. After hours of reviews and research, I decided to take a chance on Aquasonic. Plain and simple, it works just as good as my Sonicare, it has all the same features, includes a compact sleek travel case and even extra brush heads! And the price! You cannot beat the price!"

"I bought the Aquasonic electric toothbrush more than two years ago. It's still going strong," said a longtime fan. "I have had no issues with it, no cavities, and great reports from my dentist. My only complaint is that the shape of the handle does not include some sort of flat area/cradle to allow the toothbrush to be laid on the counter without rolling around."

After "sizing up" the Aquasonic, some shoppers have found it coming up a tad short.

"The only negative I have is the toothbrush heads are small," explained one customer. "I feel it’s almost child size. So on normal setting, with a small brush head, the vibrations can be almost painful. I use the soft setting, which helps greatly. Because of the settings and price I would highly recommend the product."

"This toothbrush would be perfect if the brush head was sized for an adult, not a toddler," added another. "Otherwise, awesome toothbrush with many heads included and holds a charge for a couple months at a time."

Eight brush heads come with this toothbrush, so it will be quite a while before you have to shell out for replacements.

$40 at Amazon

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