'That's Actually Not Terrible': Boy's Unorthodox Bowling Technique Pays Off

A young boy in Montreal, Canada, thought he had the magical power to control the path of a bowling ball after he rolled it ever-so-slowly down an alley, on June 22.

David Freiheit took his son bowling after the COVID-19 lockdown was lifted. He filmed a video which showed the boy’s attempt to strike.

The video shows the boy gently rolling the bowling ball down the lane, waving his arm to try to guide the ball. He fist pumps after he sees the ball turning back to the middle of the alley after it nearly drops into the gutter.

“He thinks he’s conducting the ball,” Freiheit can be heard saying in the video after he sees his son’s celebration.

The video goes on to show the ball making it to the end of the ally, hitting several pins. Freiheit high-fives his son and says, "That’s Actually Not Terrible. " Credit: David Freiheit via Storyful