So THAT's How To Actually Have The Best First Date Ever

Okay so picture this. You’ve ducked and dived cuffing season red flags and bagged yourself a first date with a real one. Now, all that’s left to do is plan the damn thing. But, where do you even begin?

Well, according to data collected by dating app Tinder, 71% of singles prefer an activity-based date and 97% believe that regular IRL dates are actually really important. However, choosing the right kind of activity could lead to a make-or-break situation.

A while ago, Tinder revealed that dinner dates are firmly a thing of the past, as people are looking for less traditional ways to get to know one another. 

Honey Bun Dates, a dating idea’s TikTok, shares these views in a parody video that professes to hate dinner dates, cinema trips, Netflix and chill sessions and the dreaded out for drinks. 

Gen Z is looking for love a little differently, as it turns out and Tinder’s data shows this too.

In their user data, activities such as going to live music events and escape rooms are ranked highly on profiles — and, in particular, Gen Zs and Millennials are super into ice skating.

Fancy trying to recreate a Dancing On Ice routine? Over the course of four consecutive Tuesday nights in November and December, Tinder is offering the ultimate ice breaker for singles looking to heat things up amidst the iconic setting of Somerset House’s skating rink – you can book your very own skate date here.

But, if you’re more Bambi on ice than a skilful figure skater, then not to worry — there are plenty of other ways to see if you and your potential beau have chemistry.

Sabrina Zohar, who describes herself as a dating coach on her TikTok profile, suggests in one video that people should think about physical activities, like hiking. 

“It doesn’t require a lot of money and you can just get to know someone,” she says. She goes on to make three other fun suggestions, like a sip-n-paint, a trapeze class or a pottery class. 

But if physical activity isn’t really your thing, then why not take it a little old school and explore some culture? Zohar says why not try a children’s museum if you want to make it feel lighter and more fun. 

Finally, Zohar suggests going to an arcade or laser tag event. Something that will drive up competition and stoke up some energy between the two of you. 

But it’s not just first dates that need sprucing up — second and third dates do too. Even marriages need to keep things fresh. 

Rosie Piper, a content creator from Boise, Idaho, has been sharing her latest date ideas on TikTok and has received millions of views. They must be doing something right, eh?

For Rosie and Ry, the structure looks a little bit like this. Two dates a month, one at home and one out in the wild. They then alternate who plans for what each time. 

This ongoing commitment to fun, activity-based dates has meant their relationship has stayed strong and more importantly, fun.

According to Tinder, 51% of singles said adding a little variety to their dates can help them see different sides to a partner. And, 71% said they preferred activity-based dates. So, what are you waiting for? 

Dorn your skates, or get to planning that sip-n-paint. Whatever you do, make it fun, interesting and a little different. Just don’t book it on a Saturday.