The Thanksgiving Table Isn’t Complete Without a Turkey-Shaped Butter Sculpture

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Photo credit: Keller’s Creamery
Photo credit: Keller’s Creamery

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Gone are the days when a regular stick of butter would do for an important occasion like Thanksgiving— at least, that’s what we imagine Keller’s Creamery was thinking when it created a turkey-shaped butter sculpture.

In the spirit of being as festive as possible in hopes of capturing the perfect Instagram picture, you can pick up a salted-butter sculpture that looks like the main dish on the table. From the body to feathers, there’s so much detail in the butter that your guests will be wowed (yes, wowed by butter) on Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving.

The turkey-shaped butter sculpture will begin rolling out in stores in November. So you’ll be able to get it at a slew of retailers, including Walmart, Wegman’s, Shoprite, Food Lion, and Kroger. The 4-ounce sculpture consists of 8 tablespoons of butter, so load up accordingly, because you know people will want plenty of butter on their rolls and mashed potatoes.

Now when you go to a Thanksgiving celebration this month, you won’t be the 10th person to bring a pie — we bet you will be the only person to bring a turkey-shaped butter sculpture.

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