Thanks to this robot, soon you won't need to park at a charging station to top up your electric car

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Volkswagen is working on a prototype of a robot and a mobile terminal capable of recharging any electric car on demand.

Imagine a robot that can come and recharge your electric vehicle wherever it is parked. You dreamed it, Volkswagen is making it happen. The brand has just presented prototypes of its mobile charging robot project, first announced in 2019.

The robot's mission is simple: to autonomously recharge electric vehicles in designated parking areas like underground car parks. The goal is for drivers to no longer be obliged to park near a specific charging station to power up their electric (or plug-in hybrid) cars.

The robot is fully autonomous, can charge several vehicles simultaneously and is activated using a dedicated application. The entire charging process takes place without any human intervention. The robot locates the car and automatically connects it, using an articulated arm, to a mobile charging station that it drags with it. While one car is charging, the robot can also bring a portable charging station to another vehicle that requests it. Once the charging operation is completed, the robot returns to unplug the mobile energy storage device and brings it back to the central charging station.

The whole device therefore comprises a mobile charging robot and a flexible quick-charging station. The latter is expected to arrive on the market at the beginning of 2021, while the robot will still take a while to develop.

The entire system should allow for greater flexibility and, above all, provide mobile charging solutions at no extra cost and without the need to build charging stations; in absolute terms, any parking lot can easily be converted into a charging station.

See a video of the Volkswagen charging robot concept: