'Thankful We Are Alive': Ahrweiler Resident Surveys Flooding That Killed More Than 120 in District

At least 122 people were killed by flooding and 763 injured in the Ahrweiler district of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, according to officials, with cleanup efforts continuing on July 20.

This video captured by Instagram user @ahrzauber.fluthilfe, who said she took it on July 15, shows the surging floodwaters in Ahrweiler. In a series of posts documenting the flood from her house, she wrote that the area was “all destroyed” and that Wednesday was “probably the worst night of our lives.”

@ahrzauber.fluthilfe added that she was “thankful we are alive.”

Basic necessities such as access to rubbish disposal, clean water, and electricity have been severely impacted by the flooding, local news reported on July 20. Officials said they were sending helpers from the technical relief organization, the fire brigade, the Federal Armed Forces, and the medical service to particularly affected areas of the district. Credit: @ahrzauber.fluthilfe via Storyful

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