In Thailand, Jackson Wang lets fans caress his chiselled body during recent concert (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 29 — If his show in Thailand is anything to go by, Jackson Wang's Malaysian fans may get to be up close with the K-pop star during his December stopover.

In his recent concert at the Land of Smiles, the Chinese singer and member of South Korean boyband GOT7 allowed fans to touch his shirtless body, Asia One reported.

In one video, the 28-year-old walked up to concert-goers with a bottle in hand before climbing up on the barricade dividing fans from the stage.

Spreading his arms out, he shouted: “I love you! I love you, Thailand!”

Fans responded to his declaration with cheers and screams, while those in his vicinity reached out fanatically to caress his chiseled body.

Wang was in Bangkok, Thailand from last Friday (November 25) to Sunday (November 27) for his Magic Man world tour.

He will also be performing in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore on December 17 and 23 respectively.

According to the portal, Wang had recently improved the entitlements for VIP ticket-holders in Bangkok — from group photographs to one-to-one pictures — following complaints that the tickets were too expensive.

He also invited one female fan per day onto the stage, where he would hold her hand, wrap her hands around his waist and shoulders and let her lie on his chest while he performed.

In one dance segment, he also seated a fan on stage with him while a few other dancers moved around her.

He then finished his dance with a solo performance in front of the fan, before taking her hand and guiding her away from the seat to other parts of the stage.

Wang also took to his Instagram to share his thoughts about the tour.

“Thank you for coming to witness my life story. I hope you took something home through this show today. I care about you all, love you all and cherish you all as my audience, friends, family and loved ones,” he wrote.

“I hope you all can be proud of yourselves in your own fields. Love you to the extreme, Thailand.”