Thailand car bomb: Flames and smoke

A car bomb exploded outside police accommodation injuring at least four people this afternoon in the terrorism-ravaged south of Thailand. The blast ripped through a vehicle that had been parked outside the building in Narathiwat province at around 1 pm local time on November 22. Footage shows smoke rising into the sky as the car burned and officials raced to extinguish the flames. It is not yet known if there were any injuries in the explosion, which happened near the city's Nara Sikalai School. Officials said that windows on the four-storey building used by police were damaged in the blast. Islamic separatist terror attacks happen regularly in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand next to the border with hardline neighbors Malaysia. However, they rarely target civilians and are geared towards hitting Thai state employees and infrastructure. The three provinces of Thailand - Yala, Pattani, and Narathiwat - have been blighted by terrorism for several decades, dating back to a deal in 1909 between the British Empire to incorporate the Muslim region into the main country of Siam. However, the area's culture is more similar to Malaysia and dramatically different from Buddhist Thais. Following years of tension, armed separatist groups emerged fighting for independence in the 1960s.