Thailand: Anti-government protesters rally in Bangkok over handling of pandemic

Protesters in Thailand burned pictures of politicians and vandalized a police car as they gathered for an anti-government rally on Thursday. They converged to different embassies to submit letters criticizing the government and calling for international support for their movement. Activists claimed that their country is undemocratic and complained about the political handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The country has recorded 1,009,710 cases and 8,826 deaths as of August 20. Demonstrators are demanding new elections, the prime minister to resign and a new constitution with ‘more democracy’. Officials say the unrest is being funded by the opposition, exiled politicians and extremist groups who encourage students to join the protests. They have cited evidence that social media bots are being used to provoke the unrest among the youth. Authorities have banned gatherings of more than five people and rolled out a 9pm curfew but the laws have been ignored by the demonstrators.

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