Thai woman suspected of murdering 13 with cyanide

STORY: Thai police have arrested a woman suspected of murdering over a dozen people with cyanide.

Thirty-six-year-old Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn was taken into custody on Wednesday and refused bail.

Police say the victims were either known as friends or were closer to her -

and that evidence so far suggests there may be 13 victims.

She has denied all allegations.

"We have evidence to link her to the evidence (cyanide). Therefore, it doesn't matter if we found the evidence on her or not. The evidence that we got was quite clear on whether the cyanides were linked to the suspect."

Sararat became a suspect following the suspicious death on April 14 of one of her friends after they had been traveling together, local media reported.

A full autopsy report indicated the victim’s body had traces of cyanide, police say.

Since then, families of earlier victims have come forward, suggesting the deaths of their loved ones were also suspicious.