Thai villagers catch 14ft long king cobra hiding under bedroom shelves

A farm worker was terrified after waking up to find a king cobra under his bedroom shelves.

The lad, named Prasit Pakorn, turned over from his pillow to see the reptile's body with its distinctive dark grey scales on the ground next to him.

Prasit, 20, yelled for help from neighbours, who dragged the serpent outside the house in Krabi, southern Thailand. They stretched it out and it measured around 14ft long.

Prasit said: ''The cobra must have come into my room while I was sleeping. I'm relieved that it didn't bite me.''

The highly venomous king cobra is found throughout southern Thailand, where they live in the dense jungle and feed on lizards and other snakes.

However, they are considered a vulnerable species on the (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species and often venture into villages while searching for food.