Thai TikToker's tips on frugal living amid inflation

STORY: Location: Samut Prakan province, Thailand

Want tips on living cheap? Follow this Thai TikToker

Phattaradej 'Top' Luechai has become a smash social media hit in Thailand

by showing people how to grocery shop with a monthly budget of 4,000 baht / $109

In his videos he holds food items and scrutinizes their price tags

He then buys cheap food in bulk, divides it into small portions and tries different menus

[Phattaradej ‘Top’ Luechai, 29-year-old airline employee]

"I started to wonder where all the money I earned has gone to. No matter how much I made, the money would disappear."

"My partner, James, was the one who suggested that we should share our lifestyle with others who might be in the same financial situation. We were so excited about it and it turned out that the first clip we posted was a big hit."

"The reason that we fixed the budget to 4,000 baht is that we wanted to test whether we can survive on that amount and it worked. We're able to spare more money to dine out."

Phattaraporn Yuyaemm has been following his advice on TikTok

and even bought a new fridge to store produce in bulk

[Phattaraporn Yuyaemm, 37-year-old fan of Phattaradej]

"I've tried the method for about two months and my grocery bill has been cut down by almost 50 percent, because the amount of food that I buy can now last for 15 days to a month."

[Phattaradej ‘Top’ Luechai, 29-year-old airline employee]

"Some people have said we're stingy, but actually, this is the most basic form of saving during inflation. If I don't live this kind of lifestyle, I will not have any savings left. And somehow, I think there are others who find it helpful and efficient and that's why they follow it."