Thai policeman punishes boys caught without helmets by making them run round lamppost

This is the amusing moment a policeman punished teenagers caught without helmets by making them run around a lamppost in Samut Prakan, Thailand.

The cop pulled over the three boys after noticing them squashed together on a motorcycle without any headwears.

Instead of 'fining' the boys, who are unlikely to have had much cash on them, he dolled out his own on-the-spot punishment.

The armed policeman stood back and watched while ordering the boys to run in circles around a street lamppost next to the roadside.

Onlooker Tawan Sukprasert recorded the incident after noticing it from his tire shop last Friday (November 29) afternoon.

Tawan praised the policeman for his kindness toward the teenagers, even sending them on their way with two spare helmets.

He said: "Those boys were punished by the kind policeman who tried not to be too hard on them.

"He ordered them to run round the lamppost instead of fining them and taking their details, to give them a chance not to break the law again."