Thai police seize hundreds of guns being sold illegally in wake of mass shootings

Police in Thailand seized hundreds of guns being sold illegally in the wake of two deadly mass shootings in the country.

Officers in eight provinces in the north of the country swooped on businesses and black market sellers offering firearms to members of the public.

The raids came after a gunman killed three people during a robbery in Lopburi on January 9 followed by a disgruntled soldier who killed 29 people and wounded 58 at a shopping mall in Korat on February 8.

Footage from Monday (02/03) shows the seized guns and bullets being displayed by police in Chiang Mai province.

Officer seized 326 guns including 232 rifles, five pistols, 34 airguns, a pen gun, 2,610 bullets and arrested 217 alleged offender.

Police Lieutenent General Prachuab Wonsuk said the police force were aware that the illegal gun selling could lead to another tragedy.

He said: "The mission is to prevent the prospect criminals from accessing guns and we have been doing well so far. We have arrested 217 sellers already."