Thai police search for mother of baby abandoned on roadside

Police were today searching for a mother who is believed to have abandoned her newborn baby on the roadside in Thailand.

Officers were called by Ajchana Pochaporn, 29, when she took cover under a wooden bus shelter and noticed the infant in the rain in Samut Prakan province yesterday (June 4).

She said she saw a red bag on the floor across the street so she went to check it in case someone had forgotten it.

But when she opened the re-usable shopping bag, she found a newborn baby girl inside. Ajchana held the baby while she waited for the emergency services to arrive.

Ajchana said: ''I was worried because the baby was so wet. There had been a lot of rain and she was just left outside. I tried to dry her and keep her warm.''

Paramedics went to the shed to check on the baby who was sucking her thumb hungrily.

The girl, believed to be five days old, was later taken to the hospital to undergo health examination although she appeared to be healthy.

The police later went to the area to investigate the scene and said they would find the cruel mother.

Police Colonel Uthit Parassadon said: "From our initial investigation, we found some CCTV along the street which we will take a look to trace back to the mother.

''For now, the baby will be cared for in hospital by the nurses. If she can't be returned to her family she will be placed in an orphanage and may be adopted from there.''