Thai paramedic decorates ambulance with cuddly toys to relax patients

A kindhearted paramedic has decorated his ambulance with dozens of cuddly toys to comfort patients.

Kiattisak Piamsiri said he placed the first teddy bear in the vehicle to remember his two children, who were killed several years ago.

When he realised that distressed passengers felt better seeing the toys, he began filling the volunteer ambulance with more brightly coloured items.

Kaittisak said: "I made a promise to my kids to be a good rescue worker. After they had gone, I put my daughter's first doll in the ambulance to remind me of my dear children."

The rescuer later bought more cute dolls into the emergency truck to relax the patients when they are in the car.

He added: "I just want to give a sense of calmness to the injures. People feel more comfortable and secure when they see them. It reminds them of being a child so they start to relax.''