Thai farmer shocked after finding 16ft long king cobra in his back garden

A farmer was shocked after finding a 16ft long king cobra his his kitchen.

Suwit Sriyotha noticed the huge reptile coiled under a sink before it fled into his back garden in Trang, southern Thailand, on March 23.

The frightened resident immediately ran out of his house and yelled to his mother-in-law Sangiam Lommueng for help.

Sangiam kept the creature at bay while Suwit phoned the emergency services. Reptile handlers rushed to the scene and grabbed the cobra while the neighours watched.

Head of the rescue team Wutthichai Pornpermsook said they took more than twenty minutes to capture the snake.

He said: ''This is the longest snake we have caught this year. The cobra weighed 11kg.''

Suwit said: "I turned pale when I first found the snake in the kitchen. It was the biggest one I have ever seen."

The serpent was later put it into a bag before being released into the thick woods far from houses.