Thai engineering students test go-karts built in class

Young mechanics tested driving go-karts that they built in classes to improve road safety.

Footage from Monday (March 02) shows the engineering students races on their mini vehicles in Trang, southern Thailand.

One of the students named Piyaphan Jittawong, 18, said the purpose of the vehicles was for a farming purpose and for children to learn how to ride them safely. 

Thailand has one of the highest rates of road deaths in the world, but young students believe their inventions can help to improve safety.

He said: "The go-karts and motocross bikes are dangerous but there are many boys who still want to ride them.

"We invented these scaled-down vehicles so they could try them more safely and they are also cheaper.

"Moreover, they can also be beneficial for the farmers to ride around checking their fields, since the vehicles are small they gave more accessibility in the fruit grove."