Thai Asia crew prepare for Chinese tourism boom

STORY: This Thai airline is getting ready for a Chinese tourism boom

China's border has reopened after three long years of curbs

Major shopping destinations like Thailand are keen to take advantage of the return of Chinese tourists

Thai AirAsia is looking to resume eight direct flights to places like Hangzhou, Wuhan, and Kunming

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

[Damrong Phapipatkul, Head of Flight Operations]

“Given our predictions once China reopens its border, we have to get our staff ready first - the pilots and cabin crew. We will be getting them trained and prepared to be ready for the incoming tourists throughout this year."

Date: January 19, 2023

The cabin crew slid down emergency slides in a refresher safety training course

It also involved smoke and fire response, evacuation training, and water survival skills

“Chinese tourists account for 30 percent of the entire number of our passengers. Although, currently, the number of Chinese tourists doesn't add up too much, after the reopening of the borders, we can see that the number has moved up from 10 percent, 20 percent to now, 30 percent. We expect that the revenue they contribute will gradually climb up to 100 percent by the end of this year."