Texas Teen Asks Mother's Fiance to Adopt Her

A Texas mother has shared footage of the emotional moment her fiance agreed to adopt her teenage daughter at their home in Laredo on November 10.

Valerie Vela’s 14-year-old daughter Alexa Villarreal asked Vela’s fiance, Gabriel Garcia, to adopt her in a heartfelt letter she wrote and read out loud for him.

“I have been raising my daughter on my own since day one. She’s always craved the feeling of having a father figure,” said Vela. “When Gabriel came into our lives, I feared how she would react to him being around. To my surprise, she was happy.”

Vela told Storyful her daughter had seen multiple adoption videos and was planning on doing something similar for Garcia but feared he would reject her, but Vela encouraged her to go along with her plan.

Much to Villarreal’s delight, Garcia gladly accepted her adoption request.

“We are all going through very difficult times right now. We wanted to share positivity and joy with our video by posting it on social media. All children need love whether they belong to you or not,” said Vela. Credit: Valerie Vela via Storyful