Texas Surfer Rescued After Heavy Winds and 8-Foot Waves Push Him Out to Sea

A 20-year-old surfer was rescued off the coast of Bolivar Beach in Texas on Saturday, April 30, after he was pushed out to sea by high winds, the US Coast Guard said.

The Coast Guard said it was notified by people at the beach at around 3:50 pm that the surfer had been pushed offshore in 8-foot waves and winds of 34 mph.

The surfer’s father had donned a life jacket and tied a fishing line to his belt in a rescue effort but was having difficulty swimming out to reach his son.

The helicopter crew arrived on scene and rescued the surfer, while a family member on the beach reeled the surfer’s father safely ashore, the Coast Guard said.

The incident occurred as a wind advisory was in place for the area, with the National Weather Service (NWS) warning of gusts of up to 40 mph. Credit: US Coast Guard District 8 via Storyful

Video transcript


- Roger.

- Swimmer is going down.

- Roger.

- Swimmer is just [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE] 30.


- Swimmer is attempting to [INAUDIBLE] the aircraft. [INAUDIBLE] at 20.

- 20.

- [INAUDIBLE] at 10. Swimmer [INAUDIBLE] for the water. [INAUDIBLE] swimmer is with the survivor. Forward 10.

- Forward 10, roger. [INAUDIBLE]


- Roger.


- [INAUDIBLE] water, [INAUDIBLE] has acquired.

- Roger, holding.

- Swimmer and survivor are just below the rails.

- You can start to slow aircraft [INAUDIBLE] board.


- Yeah, [INAUDIBLE] it all the way.

- [INAUDIBLE] to the right about [INAUDIBLE].

- Swimmer and survivor just outside the cabin.

- [INAUDIBLE] beach with the survivor at altitude 35 feet--


- --and [INAUDIBLE] 3-1-0. Any questions or comments.

- No questions.


- Roger.

- United States Coast Guard [INAUDIBLE].