Texas Sends Buses of Migrants to Vice President’s Residence in Washington

Two buses of migrants from Texas arrived at US Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, September 15.

This footage, filmed by Penguinsix, shows groups of people gathered outside the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C, as volunteers organize transportation for them.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced the arrival of over 100 immigrants in a Twitter post, saying that he would “continue sending migrants to sanctuary cities like D.C. until Biden & Harris do their jobs to secure the border.”

“The Biden-Harris Administration continues ignoring and denying the historic crisis at our southern border…” Abbott claimed in the statement posted to Twitter. “Our supposed Border Czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, has yet to even visit the border to see firsthand the impact of the open border policies she helped to implement.”

This comes just hours after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis followed through on a similar pledge to send immigrants to “sanctuary jurisdictions,” after dispatching two planes full of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday. Credit: Penguinsix via Storyful

Video transcript


- So these are the charity workers that brought food, drink, and some clothes. And they're trying to get these people to their next destination. I don't think they knew they were coming. Now, this is actually quite far from public transit. The nearest train and bus station is several miles away, so they've got to do some work to get them here. They are going to a church, mostly.

So here comes the next group of four. They're being led to a carpool. These volunteers are very organized, to be honest. They've had people that they can get out, get these people away to the train station or get them to the bus station.

Volunteers are now working to get these people out. The children were first priority to get to the churches. He's got a banana. He looks pretty happy. And then a group of them have loaded into a minivan.

It's actually a tad chilly this morning. It'll be warmer later on. There goes another group. So that woman just drove up and said, I'll take five. There goes another group. So another group off to an Uber, and they're being taken--

So they've been calling Uber drivers to take all the migrants away.


- Oh a reunion. Reunion across the street, guys. Family reunion, somebody's found their guy.

- Oh wow.