Texas Roadhouse customer says she paid $4 for mac and cheese that turned out to be Kraft

A Texas Roadhouse customer ordered a side of mac and cheese at the popular American restaurant chain, only to discover that it was actually Kraft mac and cheese made from a box.

TikTok user @bre_an_muffin went viral last week when she filmed the experience in a video that now has been viewed more than 530,000 times. “When you order mac and cheese and pay $4 for Kraft,” she wrote over the video.

Although this TikToker paid $4 for what she thought was a side dish of mac and cheese made in-house, one box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese retails at just $0.99 at Target.

Despite paying $4 for macaroni and cheese that could easily be made at home, TikToker @bre_an_muffin still enjoyed the dish nonetheless, writing in her caption: “Slapped tho.”

However, some TikTok users were shocked that the steakhouse chain would serve customers mac and cheese made from a box.

“That should be illegal,” read the top comment under @bre_an_muffin’s TikTok.

“It should be illegal to sell kraft in a restaurant, fancy OR CHAIN,” another user agreed.

“I got suckered too,” said someone else. “Like they really can’t make actual mac n cheese?”

One person shared how they paid top dollar for a dessert at another restaurant, only to find out it was purchased at Costco Wholesale. “I paid $11 for a tiramisu at some ‘hip’ restaurant and they gave me a cup of cheap a** artificial as hell-tasting tiramisu you can buy at Costco,” they wrote.

However, many people pointed out that it’s no secret some Texas Roadhouse chains sell Kraft macaroni and cheese on their menu.

“When I worked at Texas Roadhouse they told us to let the customer know some have housemade mac and some don’t,” said one person.

It’s been that way for years. No surprise, it’s for kids and they love Kraft,” another person said.

While many users faulted the TikToker for not realising Texas Roadhouse sells Kraft macaroni and cheese, she maintained that her menu did not indicate that the side dish was Kraft. Back in 2018, the popular restaurant also tweeted that their menu says their macaroni and cheese is from a Kraft box.

“We’re sorry about the confusion,” the official Twitter account for Texas Roadhouse responded to a since-deleted tweet. “The menu says Kraft Mac N Cheese and it is only offered on the Kids Menu. The regular menu has several terrific made-from-scratch sides to choose from.”

This is not the first time a customer has been tricked into ordering a side of Kraft macaroni and cheese from Texas Roadhouse. One user who goes by Laz Nina on TikTok went viral in October 2022 when she posted a video of her mac and cheese side dish.

“Texas Roadhouse trippin!!!” she wrote in the clip.

Despite the menu mix-up, many restaurant goers maintained that the boxed macaroni and cheese still tastes just as good as homemade.

“It always tastes better than at home tho,” said one user, while another commented: “Why does it still taste better tho.”