Texas Man on Onewheel Proves Picking Up Trash Can Be Fun

A Texas man has proved cleaning up can be fun, finding a creative way to pick up litter at Foxboro Park in Richardson.

This video shows Andrey Kagan manoeuvring down a hill on a onewheel while grabbing trash.

“This is a short example of my new favorite hobby where I incorporate my favorite piece of technology of all time: a onewheel, and a simple act of good: picking up trash,” Kagan told Storyful.

Kagan explained he likes to ride around local parks with a “self made custom trashcan/belt grabber system” and pick up small pieces of litter he comes across.

“It’s like a scavenger hunt of goodness… To be honest I was surprised at the fact that I was able to actually grab every piece I reached for as it’s not as easy as it looks,” he said.

Kagan said he hopes that by seeing just how fun picking up litter can be, people may get inspired to do the same. Credit: Andrey Kagan via Storyful

Video transcript