Texas man charged with kidnapping for holding woman in locked trailer for four years

A Texas man allegedly kidnapped a woman and kept her locked in a trailer for four years, according to authorities.

Abraham Bravo Segura, 42, was charged with felony kidnapping for allegedly “secreting and holding” the 32-year-old woman where she was “not likely to be found.”

Prosecutors say that the suspect threatened to kill the woman who was finally rescued after calling for help from a phone inside the trailer while the suspect was at work, according to KTRK.

When deputies arrived they found that all exits from the trailer were locked and burglar bars had been placed on the windows.

Officers tried cutting padlocks but had to bring in firefighters to cut the burglar bars with power tools.

During an initial court appearance, the suspect claimed that the “story is one-sided” but a judge ordered him to be held on a $150,000 bond.

“The defendant had kept the complainant inside a trailer for approximately four years,” the prosecutor said, reported KTRK.

“How many years?” the hearing officer asked. “Four,” she replied.


If he is able to post the bond he will be held on house arrest and is ordered to have no contact with the woman or her family.

Segura, who was described by a public defender as a barber and tattoo artist, was scheduled to be arraigned on Monday.