Texas GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Weirdly Claims Trump Is Not 'Ruling Class'

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was the latest GOP toady of Donald Trump’s to show up outside of his New York hush money trial and pay fealty to the party’s fearless leader.

In the process, he suggested that he doesn’t understand the meaning of a very basic term: ruling class.

It happened while Patrick was defending Trump against being held accountable by suggesting the former president and self-proclaimed billionaire is a victim of the whims of those danged elites.

“If the courts in New York come after any of you because of something you said, because you said something the ruling class didn’t like, and that’s what all these other countries are about,” Patrick said. “They want to be sure that anyone that speaks up against the ruling class disappears.”

Just to drive things home, Patrick added, “They want to take him off the main stage because they know he is their biggest danger to take on the ruling class.”

Of course, a journalist felt obliged to point out that if anyone qualifies as a member of the “ruling class,” it’s a billionaire and former president.

“Isn’t Donald Trump part of the ruling class?” the unidentified journalist asked.

Patrick didn’t appreciate the comment.

“Now, no, you know what? Donald Trump is not the ruling class. Donald Trump is for every New Yorker. He’s for every Texan, every, every state,” he said before claiming the former president ”has put his whole life on the line, his whole life on the line for the American people.”

Ex-Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka chimed in, asking, “Would a member of the ruling class be facing 730 years in prison? Seven hundred and thirty years in prison, and he’s a member of the elite. That’s pathetic. You’re not a journalist.”

You can see the exchange below.

Many people on X, formerly Twitter, amused themselves by pointing out the ridiculousness of claiming that the former leader of the free world isn’t automatically a member of the ruling class.