Texas Dentist Helps Michigan Woman Get the Smile She Always Wanted

After a lifetime of being taunted for her grin, a Michigan woman had a good reason to smile when her teeth were fixed by Dr. Kenny Wilstead in Garland, Texas, on Saturday, June 13.

Dr. Wilstead told Storyful his patient, Ashley Elizabeth, saved for a year so she could travel to him in Texas for treatment. “Not a single dentist knew how to fix her teeth,” he said.

Footage shared by Dr. Wilstead on June 14 shows Ashley being interviewed about her teeth, the surgery, and her emotional reaction to her new smile.

“They look amazing…I never thought I would get my teeth fixed,” Ashley said.

In a Facebook post, Ashley wrote, “The years of torment and bullying I went through for years…it’s a thing of the past…This was truly a gift! I feel gorgeous.” Credit: Dr. Kenny Wilstead via Storyful