Texas Dad Devises Perfect Plan to Keep Picky Toddler Happy

A Texas dad came up with a foolproof way to keep his fussy toddler happy when she decided she only wanted the raisins from Raisin Bran and nothing else.

Footage shot by Alena Mckethan shows her husband Alex pretending to pour Raisin Bran into their two-year-old daughter’s bowl – but in reality he is pouring in a box of raisins instead.

According to Mckethan’s caption, the tyke wanted the raisins from the cereal box, but did not want a box of actual raisins.

Mckethan told Storyful that their daughter “kept crying” because she wanted Raisin Bran “but only wanted the raisins,” so her husband grabbed a box to use instead of wasting cereal. Credit: Alena Mckethan via Storyful

Video transcript


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