Texans Encounter Dark Waterspout During Fishing Trip in Ayers Bay

A large waterspout was spotted off the coast of South Texas following a tornado warning in the region on June 1.

Stacy Lillis and her father, Nathan Smalley, had begun fishing in San Antonio Bay on this date when conditions become windy, before moving on to calmer conditions in Ayres Bay where they spotted a waterspout forming in the distance.

Speaking to Storyful, Lillis said, “I noticed that the storm cloud, about five miles ahead of us, was getting much more dark and intense. Then a funnel cloud formed, and touched the water beneath it, right in front of us.”

She added, “It appeared to be coming toward us, too. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The water beneath it was spraying like mad, in [a] circular motion. While praying under my breath, I grabbed my iPhone and started filming.” Credit: Stacy Lillis via Storyful