Texan Couple Haul Bottled Water to Jackson Amid Water Crisis

A Texan couple said they hauled bottled water from Houston, Texas, to Jackson, Mississippi, on August 31, amid the city’s ongoing water crisis.

This footage filmed by James Haynes Jr. shows Mary and Gene Ozan unloading “three pallets” of water at a Walmart parking lot in Jackson, as part of a free water distribution hosted by the Salvation Army on Wednesday.

“It was on the news yesterday morning,” Ozan said. “As soon as I saw it I didn’t give it a thought I just told my husband I said ‘we need to bring some water.’”

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba declared a water system emergency due to complications from the Pearl River flooding that occurred last week. However, the aging water system has been experiencing disruptions for years, local reports said.

On Thursday, the City of Jackson reported “continued progress” while working to restore water pressure, but did not offer an estimated time for when they expect the water system to be functional. Credit: James Haynes Jr. via Storyful

Video transcript


- So you guys brought us some from--

MARY OZAN: From Houston.

GENE OZAN: Houston.

- Man, thank you all so much.

GENE OZAN: Yeah, absolutely, man.

- Appreciate that. Man, that's wonderful.

GENE OZAN: Anything we could do, man.

- Amen. Great.

- All the way up.

- So they came on they own just to bring some water from Houston.

MARY OZAN: We brought in three pallets.

- Three pallets. Man, it's a blessing.


- What's your name?

MARY OZAN: I'm Mary Ozan, and that's my husband Gene Ozan.

- OK. Nice to meet you. I'm James. Nice to meet you.

MARY OZAN: It's nice to meeting you as well.

- Thank y'all so much.

MARY OZAN: You're welcome.

Yes, ma'am. How did you hear about it? You just saw it on the news?

MARY OZAN: It was on the news yesterday morning. And as soon as I saw it, I didn't give it a thought. I just told my husband, I said, you need to bring some water.

- Right.

MARY OZAN: We need to get some water down here. And God put it on my heart, and--

- Are you familiar with this area, or you just--

MARY OZAN: No, never been here.

- Never been here before?

MARY OZAN: Passed through Mississippi going to Atlanta, but just never stopped.

- Wow, that's awesome.