Tetchy Rishi Sunak Complains About Being Asked Political Questions During Tense Interview

Rishi Sunak lost his cool during a Sky News interview as he complained about being asked political questions.

The prime minister made the bizarre remark as Trevor Phillips pointed out his popularity had plummeted since entering 10 Downing Street.

Phillips said a poll last week had shown that around two-thirds of Tory voters do not believe the promises Sunak makes.

“Isn’t that humiliating that your own voters no longer trust you?” he asked the PM.

Sunak said: “No because it’s been a very difficult time for the country and I know that people are frustrated.”

Phillips told him: “It’s not frustration, they just don’t believe you.”

The presenter went on to say that Sunak’s personal approval ratings have collapsed since he became prime minister 18 months ago.

He said: “Do you feel disappointed that the Conservative Party has dragged you down?”

The clearly-annoyed PM replied: “It’s the fourth or fifth question you’ve asked where you’ve talked about polls and politics.

“You know what? I’ll tell you what I do every day. I get up and I work hard to deliver for the country on the things that they care about. I’m not distracted or focused on polls.

“I’m focused on the substance of what I can deliver for the country.”

Phillips told him: “You’re quite reluctant to talk about the most important person here, which is you.

“I spoke to a leading Conservative, a supporter of yours. Somebody who likes you who has spoken out for you.

“What that individual said was they wished you had stayed doing the job as chancellor and that you would be remembered as a brilliant chancellor rather than the prime minister who took the Tories into the wilderness.

“If you could turn the clock back, would you take his advice?”

Sunak said: “I made my reasons clear about that at the time, but I’m proud of the record I have as chancellor.”

Philips asked Sunak if he would have “no regrets” if the Tories lose the general election.

The prime minister replied: “You’re again focused on this personality stuff, I’m focused on delivering for the country, and what I’m doing is getting up every single day and working my hardest to deliver for people on the things that matter to them and matter to me.”

Sunak is under huge pressure ahead of Thursday’s local elections, in which the Tories are forecast to lose up to 500 seats.

The PM was also dealt a fresh blow last night when one of his own MPs, Dan Poulter, defected to the Labour Party.