Testicles on the menu for Serbian cooking contest


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The traditional testicle cooking championship is held annually on the last weekend each August and began in 2004, requires chefs to test their skills in preparing various dishes made of and with animal testicles, which welcomes local and international amateur chefs from across the globe.

"This idea is unique in the world", says Jovana Erovic, the organiser of this indeed one-of-the-kind culinary manifestation featuring goulash, sausages even pastas and pizzas made predominantly of bull, boar and ostrich testicles.

Englishman Peter Atkinson, called it a "very social occasion" that gathers together families and groups of people that cook together.

Another is Rally Brus from the USA who appears to be a connoisseur: "It depends on who prepares it. Some of it is not so good, let's be honest. (...) But when its' made well..."

Vsitors can get the genuine taste of the Serbian and Balkans cuisine, all spiced up with local herbs, plenty of vegetables and traditional relaxed weekend slow-food mood and culture.

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