Test your relationship with a significant other by dining at this Taiwanese eatery

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 — A man who left a one-star rating for a Taiwanese restaurant after breaking up with his girlfriend after a meal there has been invited by the owner to bring his future girlfriends to the shop to test out their relationship.

The man commented that his girlfriend decided to break up with him after their meal at Fu Hong Yudu Xiao Chi, located in Tainan, Mirror Media reported.

Instead of getting worked up over the man's comment, the owner congratulated him as the meal let him see through a girl's heart.

"If you have a new girlfriend, do not forget to return to our shop to test if it is true love," the owner responded.

The owner's response quickly went viral on social media with users now saying the shop should offer true love services.

They also praised the owner for the response as it shows they had high emotional quotient.

A social media user said if they ever wanted to break up with their partner they should go to the restaurant while another asked for the restaurant's address as he wanted to bring his girlfriend along.

"I want to know if our relationship is firm," said the user.