Test COVID-positive on ART with no symptoms? Self isolate at home

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Positive test result by using rapid test for Covid-19, quick fast antibody.
Positive test result by using Antigen Rapid Test kit for COVID-19. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — As Singapore prepares to live with endemic COVID-19 and ease the burden on an increasingly pressured healthcare system, here is what to do if you have:

  • Tested positive on your antigen rapid test kit

Your household members should stay home as much as possible. If they need to go out, especially to places with vulnerable people or where there is a large group, they should self-test with an ART kit and ensure that they test negative before going out.

No symptoms: Self isolate in your room and monitor your health – be masked if you must leave your room.

Wipe the surfaces of shared bathrooms after every use and keep your home well-ventilated.

Test yourself again after 72 hours. If you test positive again, continue to self-isolate and repeat the test at least 24 hours apart from the last until you test negative.

If you do not display symptoms and are below the age of 80, you do not need to get a PCR test unless you have been issued a quarantine order, stay home notice or health risk warning; work in healthcare, eldercare, or pre-schools, and primary schools; or attend pre-school or primary school.

Display symptoms: If you have symptoms of acute respiratory infection – such as a fever, cough or flu – visit your nearest Swab and Send Home (SASH) clinic.

  • Received a quarantine order or home quarantine order

You should return home immediately and self-isolate in your room, preferably with an attached bathroom. 

Keep the room well ventilated and make sure you do not have physical contact with household members. Ask them to take ART tests regularly and carry out disinfection practices if sharing toilets. 

You are required to undergo an entry PCR and ART swab test at the start of your 10-day QO and an exit PCR swab test at the end of the QO. You are required to test yourself daily with the ART kits during the quarantine, as well as daily for four days after it has ended.

Under the QO, you are not allowed to leave your designated quarantine location for any reason. Your QO will be lifted when you receive a rescindment SMS message from the Ministry of Health.

The QO agent from Certis will contact you to verify details and provide you with further information. If you have questions, you may also contact the Certis hotline at 6380 5072.

By default, you would serve these orders at your home. If your place is unsuitable, you will be quarantined at a government quarantine facility and be informed via SMS.

Develop symptoms: Contact your designated telemedicine service provider or the QO agent.

Difficulty understanding, performing QO protocols: Call the Certis hotline if you or your family member under QO need special assistance or need to be quarantined at a government facility.

Attending urgent matters: If you need to attend to urgent matters that cannot be postponed, you must first seek the permission of the QO agent.

Require QO for employer: You can either share the physical QO from the QO agent or the electronic QO which you would have received via SMS.

Self-employed: You may apply for a QO allowance of $100 per day after you have successfully completed the order. You can also apply for the QOA if you are self-employed and an approved caregiver of a person under quarantine.

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