Tesla's Shanghai plant ramps up after lockdown

STORY: Tesla is ramping up again in Shanghai.

Two Reuters sources say the firm’s factory there is back to nearly 70% of its pre-lockdown output.

Shanghai has faced two months of city-wide restrictions.

But it’s now looking to allow many businesses to resume work from Wednesday (June 1).

Authorities had already given Tesla considerable help to reopen.

But the EV-maker has been battling a shortage of workers and logistics issues.

That forced it to halt most production at one point.

In all it was shut for 22 days.

After reopening in mid-April, it produced almost 11,000 cars by the end of the month.

That compared to the nearly 66,000 sold in March.

Last week, China urged local authorities to take steps to boost growth and stem rising unemployment.

Shanghai has since taken measures including subsidies for people who trade in a conventional vehicle for an EV.

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