Tesla's security camera captures moment truck becomes engulfed in flames outside Canada restaurant

A Tesla's security camera captured the moment a truck became engulfed in flames while parked outside a restaurant in Whitecap, Canada. The footage shows a vehicle on the other side of the car park slowly became a ball of fire. Recorded on March 21, the video shows the truck enter the parking lot before the parks and quickly begins emptying her vehicle. The Tesla's owner, Joshua Baker, moves his car out the way of other vehicles to a spot where his cameras could clearly record the incident. He told Newsflare: "We travelled out from Saskatoon to have dinner at the Moose Wood Grill restaurant when someone came rushing into the lobby and yelled 'there's a car on fire!' "I ran outside and to be perfectly honest, with all the media attention on electric car fires, I was preparing to see my car on fire. "Stepping outside, I saw a gas SUV, burning in the parking lot. The owner was distraught but ok. She had just collected her important belongings out of the vehicle. I asked her if there was anything else she needed out, but she said no. "One guest was not able to get to their truck soon enough, and it eventually caught on fire too, as the fire department arrived. "I asked the lady if she knows why her car caught on fire, she only said she just had the oil topped up at a gas station in another town before arriving, and she thought it had something to do with that. "As I watched the vehicle burn, I wracked my brain about how I might help that truck owner and was sad that all vehicles didn't have Tesla's Summon feature, where a vehicle can be moved using a smartphone app."