Tesla's Berlin plant hits a new snag

Elon Musk has been to visit Tesla's new factory near Berlin a few times already.

Only days ago he was hopeful that cars would soon be rolling off the line:

"We're aiming to start production in a few months, basically November or December. And hopefully deliver our first cars in December."

Now that could be in doubt.

On Thursday (October 21) Germany's environment ministry said an online consultation with local people would have to be redone.

That's over concerns the first attempt didn't comply with regulations.

The repeated process is open to anyone unhappy with responses from Tesla or officials in round one, and will run until November 22.

After a two-year battle to get production started, that's unlikely to go down well with Musk.

He has repeatedly voiced irritation with German laws and processes:

"I do think that there is a basic logic to the notion that if every year there are more rules and regulations added at the local, state, federal and EU level, then eventually people will not be able to do anything at all."

When it does finally open, the factory is due to produce 500,000 electric vehicles per year.

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