Tesla, Uber tie-up in London for electric rides

Uber and Tesla have struck a deal to help cut emissions in London.

The city is one of the ride hailing app's biggest overseas markets.

Now its drivers there will be able to buy or lease Tesla electric vehicles at a discount.

Uber has already introduced a clean-air fee in the city.

That adds 3 pence, or about 4 cents, to the fee per mile for passengers.

The levy has raised over $180 million to help provide drivers with eco-friendly models at discounted prices.

Brands including Nissan and Kia have partnered with Uber, but Tesla wasn't involved until now.

Uber says over 4,000 drivers have switched to EVs as a result of the scheme.

That gives it more fully electric cars there than in any other city worldwide.

The news comes after Uber announced a deal with rental company Hertz to provide 50,000 Tesla cars for ride-hail drivers by 2023 in the U.S.

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