New Tesla model caught fire while driving: lawyer

One of Tesla's new flagship models caught fire while driving on Tuesday (June 29).

That's according to a lawyer for the driver.

The Model S Plaid was launched last month by company boss Elon Musk.

He promoted it as "faster than any Porsche, safer than any Volvo".

But the new incident reportedly occurred just three days after delivery of the vehicle, priced at $129,900.

Lawyers haven't named the driver, only identifying him as an "executive entrepreneur".

They say he was initially unable to get out of the blazing car, as its electronic door system failed.

The driver then used forced to push the door open.

After rolling for some distance, the Tesla allegedly turned into a "fireball" near the owner's Pennsylvania home.

The lawyers are calling for the new model to be kept off roads until the incident is investigated.

Local authorities confirmed that a Tesla was on fire in a now-deleted Facebook post.

There was no immediate comment on the story from the company when contacted by Reuters.

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