Tesla Keeps Family Cool During Heatwave Thanks to 'MacGyver' Style Hack

A British Columbia man thanked Elon Musk for helping keep himself and his family cool during a recent heatwave when he turned his Tesla into a temporary AC unit on June 29.

Footage tweeted by Jay Hristov, from Maple Ridge, shows how he cleverly converted the car into an air conditioning unit using a makeshift air duct made from cardboard boxes.

According to Hristov’s wife Julia, who recorded the video, many people were caught off guard when all of the portable AC units in the area were sold out due to the heat.

“After a day or two of struggling with the extreme heat, my husband came up with the idea of using our Tesla to cool down the lower floor of our house and made an air duct out of cardboard boxes we had laying around,” she told Storyful.

“The whole installation turned out to be very successful and we were advised by friends to share it with the world as it was such a MacGyver style solution,” she said. Credit: Julia Hristov via Storyful

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