The Tesla of Homes? The First-Ever Electrically Self-Sustaining Luxury House is Here

Ever dreamed of living off the grid without sacrificing modern comforts? Well, now it’s possible. The increase in innovative technology has provided an opportunity for modular homes to become more self-sustaining and energy efficient. Building on that newfound technology, John Rowland and Brian Kuzdas established S2A Modular in 2017 and made it their mission to transform the way buyers think of modular buildings and the capabilities associated with them.

With a faster and more practical construction speed set in place—due in part to the new over 100,000-square-foot MegaFactory, which is also powered by Tesla’s PowerPack and solar energy—S2A is thrilled to present the first-ever electrically self-sustaining #GreenLuxHome. This customizable luxury modular home relies exclusively on Tesla Powerwall technology and solar panels for power—with grid connection being used only as a backup power source—thus eliminating the need for gas, propane, or grid-powered energy. Generated from the Tesla Powerwall, the #GreenLuxHome allows for surplus energy income (Net-Zero engineering), which removes energy costs from the home and even has the possibility of utility companies paying owners for contributing to the overall energy of the grid.

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Technology aside, the #GreenLuxHome is offered in over 35 custom predesigned floor plans; for a more bespoke feel, S2A’s in-house designer Lance Lowrey is available to work with buyers to help create their ideal home. Features include top-of-the-line appliances that merge effortlessly with eco-friendly and recycled materials throughout the home’s interior, while smartphone-controlled settings come pre-installed. The advanced designs and engineering of S2A’s #GreenLuxHomes come with a far higher standard compared to more traditional modular homes seen on the market.

Due to its construction within the factory’s controlled environment, S2A Modular homes can be built in as little as six weeks. This includes being shipped and assembled to any code within the U.S. Pricing begins at $165 per square foot. It’s an exciting step forward in the world of green building.

Launch Gallery: S2A Modular Homes - In Pictures