Tesla delivery time longer on some China models

STORY: Tesla signaled on Monday (January 9) that a move to cut prices might be working to stimulate demand.

The automaker said it now had longer waiting times for potential buyers of some versions of the Model Y in China.

Tesla's website showed the waiting time was a week longer on Monday than it had been on Friday (January 6).

The wait as of Monday was two to five weeks.

It comes after Tesla cut prices by up to 13.5% on Friday at a time when demand in China has slipped.

That brought some of its cars close to rival BYD's best-selling models.

A source told Reuters that Tesla has so far not made any change to its plan to suspend assembly lines from January 20th at its Shanghai plant.

Not everybody was happy with the price cuts though.

Angry Chinese owners who bought Teslas late last year and missed out on the discount have staged protests.

On Monday, they said they would wait for a response from the company, having demanded some kind of compensation.

Tesla told Reuters on Saturday (January 7) that there was no plan to compensate those buyers for price cuts they had missed.

The company did not respond to a request for comment on Monday.