Tesla cars banned from China leaders' meeting

STORY: Tesla drivers in China may soon have to be careful where they go.

From July 1 the cars will be prohibited from entering the coastal district of Beidaihe, where a secretive leaders’ meeting is due to take place.

That’s according to a local traffic police official.

He didn’t give a reason for the ban, but said it concerned “national affairs”.

China appears to view Tesla cars with some suspicion.

Last year, Reuters reported that the vehicles were banned from entering military complexes, out of concern their cameras could be used for spying.

In recent weeks, the cars were also reportedly restricted in one city while President Xi Jinping was visiting.

Tesla cars feature an array of cameras to help with parking and other tasks.

Company founder Elon Musk has always denied that they could be used to spy in China, or anywhere else.

Tesla has said that all data generated by the cars in China will be stored in the country.

The country is one of its largest markets, and a major production hub.

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